Respect for community

We depend on the community where Pork & Co. is working. Our community. That’s why we always try to give something back.

Respect for consumers

For us, is very important to have high quality products. And this translates into respect for consumers.

Respect for the animals

We always treat all animals in our farms with care and respect, and the result is high-quality products.

Respect for environment

We care about the environment, that is why we have implemented measures to minimize the negative impact we have on it.

Respect for community

Over 90% of our employees come from the rural communities around our farms.

We offer scholarships to all the children of all our employees and to other pupils and students.

We have financed the reconstruction of two schools in the communities where we operate.

We offer high quality healthcare for all our employees.

We want to continue and increase the support we give for the education of all the children in the communities where we work.

For the future, we would like to help facilitate the access to high quality medical services for more and more members of the communities around the farms.

Respect for consumers

Very high biosecurity level achieved through the secluded location of our farms and through very strict rules and procedures.

Minimum antibiotic usage, under the strict control of the veterinarian of each farm.

Very strict quality control of all raw materials used in feed production.

All production stages, including feed production, take place within the Cooperative, thus ensuring total quality control and a 100% romanian product.

Respect for the animals

All our animals are raised using superior welfare standards.

They have more space.

Unrestricted access to high quality water and feed.

Controlled microclimate tailored to their needs.

Devoted and dedicated staff 24/7.

Respect for environment

We process the manure in such ways so that the potential negative impact on the environment becomes a positive one.

Manure is processed in each farm and then used as natural fertilizers by the cereal producers around our farms, which in turn supply the grains we need for our feed production.

We use energy saving technology both in the feed mill and in the farms.

For heating we use wood industry waste.

We planted more than 10.000 trees, giving the area new forests.