Pork & Co. Story

In 2010, as a group of young farmers, we decided to start a Cooperative in order to become a major player on the Romanian pork market.

The Company Pork & Co.

We produce piglets, pork, gilts, semen and feed, operating 9 farms and one feed mill, all members of our Cooperative.

Pork & Co. team

We have almost 100 people on our team, working constantly to ensure the quality of all our products.

Pork & Co. Story

We are a Cooperative of young farmers, founded in 2010, currently having 7 members.

We have decided to come together and start this Cooperative with the desire to put together the know-how, the resources, the talent and the competencies of all the members, for the benefit of all of us. We also wanted to create an entity that would become a relevant player on the pork market in Romania and, why not, at a regional level.

Our Cooperative has grown year by year, getting new members, taking on an increasingly important role in our activity, reaching today nearly 100 employees: veterinarians, nutritionists, maintenance and equipment specialists, salesmen, accountants, finance and human resources experts.

That's how "Pork & Co." came to be...

The Company Pork & Co.

Currently, we produce piglets, pork, gilts, semen and feed in 10 farms and one feed mill.

9 out of the 10 farms and the feed mill are 100% green field investments.

The first farm started in 2007.

Today, we have a total of 7.500 sows in production, a piglets’ rearing farm with 20.000 places, 46.000 pig fattening places, a boar farm with 40 places together with an Artificial Insemination Laboratory, and a feed mill that produces around 60.000 tons of feed per year.

In 2018 we delivered over 200.000 animals.

Pork & Co. team

The team led by Adrian Balaban - Veterinarian, Cooperative Director and Production Coordinator, is a young, dynamic, highly educated and specialized team that brings a modern vision and a modern approach to this “traditionalist” industry.

The Pork & Co. team covers a wide range of expertise: from veterinarians, zootechnics engineers, nutritionists to equipment specialists, automation and maintenance, sales and marketing, financial - accounting and human resources.